About Okinawa Heart

About Okinawanheart
Because Okinawa's particular history background and location, here are various diversity of ethnic groups.
I grown up in KOZA in the middle part of Okinawa. It was really hot and very influenced by US, when I was little.
I even had some American friend in my class when I was in school.

Moreover, Okinawa has its unique immigrant history, so that there is worldwide network. We all have strong thought about Okinawa.
The folks who live in Okinawa like us, and those who like Okinawa and move to this island, I think we all love Okinawa.
It is beyond the border of ethic.

Okinawanheart will take our effort to weave our thought about Okinawa through Japanese Calligraphy.

We hope that we will help learn and enjoy Okinawa culture as well as Japanese culture.