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Your Name in Kanji 100 iPhone and iPad App


Kanji T-shirts

Custome made Your Name OR Word in Kanji on T-shirts!

One and only Kanji T-shirts just for you!

Kanji Name Frame

Your name in Kanji Frame or without Frame

Always the best gift for your family and your friend.

Kanji lamp

Custom made Japanese Kanji Calligraphy lamp

This Handmade lamp, you can order whatever words or name on each 4 sides.

Kanji postcard

Okinawanheart Original Kanji Post card

Beautiful Kanji postcard printed on Gettou paper.

Event Information

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Your name or favorite words written in Kanji! We handle customized Japanese calligraphy for you and your family ! Scroll, Shikisi, Frames

AM10:00 to PM7:00 (Closed on Thursday)

Please come and check out our products in person.


Japanese Calligraphy Class Schedule
Tuesday :
10:00AM - 12:00AM and
3:00PM - 7:00PM
Wednesday :
3:00PM - 7:0PM